(Video) When Eddie Hearn jumped into the ring mistakenly thinking it was over

A vintage clip of Eddie Hearn’s premature celebration during the Carl Froch vs. Lucian Bute fight has recently resurfaced, sending boxing fans on a nostalgic trip back to May 2012. Hearn, a prominent boxing promoter and chairman of Matchroom Sports, played a pivotal role in organizing the high-stakes match between Froch and Bute for the IBF super-middleweight title in Nottingham, England.

The fight itself was a thrilling spectacle, with Froch, the underdog, showcasing dominance over Bute as the rounds unfolded. The excitement reached a peak when Froch dropped Bute multiple times, delivering powerful punches and cornering his opponent. However, it was a particular moment in the match that etched itself into boxing history and made Eddie Hearn’s celebration a talking point.

As Froch unleashed a vicious combination of punches that left Bute visibly shaken, the referee intervened, signaling a break in the action. The confusion arose when the referee raised his hands, creating the illusion that he had stopped the fight. This unexpected turn of events prompted widespread celebration, with Hearn jubilantly jumping into the ring, assuming victory for Froch.

The joyous celebration, however, proved premature as it became evident that the match wasn’t over. The referee initiated a standing 8 count, allowing Bute to continue, much to the disappointment of Froch, Hearn, and the celebrating crowd. The referee’s actions and Hearn’s subsequent reaction have become iconic in boxing lore.

The recently resurfaced clip reignited discussions among fans, many expressing their confusion and recalling their initial reactions to the incident.

“In fairness, it really seemed like the ref stopped that. Not sure what the break was for.”

“When the opponent is halfway out of the ring, the ref’s got their hands up like it’s over, anyone would have assumed the fight was over.”

The unexpected twist in the Froch vs. Bute fight didn’t hinder Froch’s ultimate success, as he went on to knock out Bute in the fifth round, claiming the IBF super-middleweight championship. Eddie Hearn’s premature celebration remains a memorable and amusing moment in boxing history, now enjoying a viral resurgence.