(Video) When Conor McGregor brought trash talking to a new level at UFC Rio

In a press conference that will be remembered for years to come, Conor McGregor brought trash talking to a new level as he addressed the media ahead of his highly anticipated bout against Jose Aldo at UFC 189 Rio. The Irish superstar’s comments left the crowd in awe, and his opponent reeling.

The tension was palpable as McGregor took to the stage, exuding confidence and charisma. When asked about Aldo’s claims of being the king of the division, McGregor unleashed a verbal onslaught that left no doubt as to who the real king of Rio is.

“I own this town,” McGregor declared, his feet casually resting on the desk in front of him. “I own Rio de Janeiro. What’s anyone up there going to do about it? Not one of you is going to do anything about it.”

McGregor’s comments were not just a calculated attempt to get under Aldo’s skin, but also a testament to his own sense of self-importance. He proudly proclaimed that his family’s motto, “Shereel Moran,” means “royal is in my blood,” hinting that his regal lineage makes him the true monarch of the UFC.

When asked to respond to Aldo’s jabs, McGregor’s response was nothing short of chilling. “If this was a different time, I would invade his favela on horseback and kill anyone that was not fit to walk,” he said, his eyes blazing with intensity. “But we are in a new time, so I’ll whoop his ass in July.”

The crowd was left stunned, and Aldo’s team looked on in disbelief as McGregor’s verbal assault continued. The Irish star’s confidence was palpable, and his ability to command the room was undeniable.

The UFC 189 event between McGregor and Aldo was a massive draw, with fans eagerly anticipating the clash of titans. According to reports, the event did 825,000 PPV buys. At $60 per PPV, that totaled to $49,500,000, plus another $7,200,000 in gate money.

As the press conference came to a close, one thing was clear: Conor McGregor is the undisputed king of trash talking, and his verbal sparring with Jose Aldo set the stage for one of the most memorable KOs in the history of the UFC.