(Video) When an NFL Pro thought he could outwrestle Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman has been the Pound for Pound champion of the UFC for quite a while. Usman has been a champion since defeating Tyron Woodley in March of 2019. He’s defended his title 5 times since and he’s about to go at it for the 6th time against Leon Edwards.

Usman’s base is his wrestling. Usman was an NCAA division two national champion in 2010. Usman was sidetracked by injuries and eventually abandoned goal of making the US Olympic team after failing to qualify for the 2012 US Olympic Team Trials. And thanks to UFC matching him with teammate Gilbert Burns he teamed up with coach Trevor Wittman and took his striking to a whole new level.

NFL player Brandon Marshall thought he could outwrestle with UFC Champion Kamaru Usman despite his storied history in wrestling.

Brandon Marshall is 6’5″ – towering over Usman who is 6’0″.

This was all during a I am athlete podcast episode which dropped some time last week. Usman went on to share that he learned more from his single defeat in MMA (which was to Jose Caceres in 2013) than from most victories.

Usman took the challenge in stride and playfully set Marshall into his seat on the couch.

Kamaru Usman is getting ready to defend his title against Leon Edwards this next weekend. However, he will make his on screen debut just two months later.

Usman previously faced Edwards in 2015 with the clash going to him via decision.

UFC welterweight champion will make an appearance in the next Marvel Studios film ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. The movie will be released on November 11.