(Video) Vicious elbow ends Road to UFC journey for 32 year old

In a remarkable display of skill and power, Taiyilake Nueraji left spectators awe-struck at a recent Road to the UFC event. The 22-year-old MMA prospect showcased his talent in the second round of their welterweight bout by delivering a strong elbow strike that rendered his opponent Han Seul Kim out cold.

With an impressive MMA record of 9-1, Nueraji unleashed a clean blow to Kim’s chin. As Kim attempted to counter with a right hand, Nueraji’s elbow connected directly to his chin. The impact of the blow was immense, instantly causing Kim’s body to go limp and sending him crashing to the canvas.

Kim tried to get up right away by raising his head, but his body failed him. So he lay motionless on the ground.

Nueraji’s victory was not only a testament to his physical prowess but also to his unwavering determination. The significance of this triumph was evident as he let out a victorious scream and sprang up onto the cage, basking in the applause from the audience.

The impact of the strike was vividly described as one commentator exclaimed, “He flattens and immobilizes Kim. What a knockout by the ‘Super Saiyan’.”

Another commentator chimed in, expressing his awe: “That was one of the most vicious elbow knockouts I have ever seen.”

Season 2 of the Asian tournaments began on May 27 with four 8-man tournaments from flyweight to lightweight. Multiple Asian countries are being represented in the tournaments, including Japan, China, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Thailand, and Singapore.

The events are being broadcasted live from the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai, with Asian countries having access through typical TV stations.

Results of Episode 1:

  • Non-tournament: Nyamjargal Tumendemberel from Mongolia defeated Topnoi Kiwram from Thailand by split decision
  • Flyweight tournament: Rei Tsuruya from Japan defeated Ronal Siahaan from Indonesia by submission in round 2
  • Featherweight tournament: Yi Zha from China defeated Wuziazibieke Jiahefu from China by armbar submission in round 1
  • Flyweight tournament: Mark Climaco from the Philippines defeated Jung Hyun Lee from South Korea by unanimous decision
  • Featherweight tournament: Sang Won Kim from South Korea defeated Keisuke Sasu from Japan by TKO in round 2

Results of Episode 2:

  • Non-tournament: Nueraji Taiyilake from China defeated Han Seul Kim from South Korea by elbow KO in round 2
  • Flyweight tournament: Ji Niushiyue from China def. Billy Pasulatan from Indonesia by TKO through punches in round 1
  • Featherweight tournament: Koya Kanda from Japan defeated Yibugele from China by unanimous decision
  • Flyweight tournament: Seung Guk Choi from South Korea defeated Sumit Kumar from India by unanimous decision
  • Featherweight tournament: Lu Kai from China defeated Li Kaiwen from China by TKO through punches in round 1