(Video) Usman’s backstage reaction after stunning loss to Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards became a Worldwide hot topic when he delivered a round 5 KO over longtime welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. Usman was left frozen on the canvas, knocked out cold and was later pictured on the PPV stream asking his coach Trevor Wittman what happened while seated on a stool in his corner.

A new video shows Kamaru Usman’s  backstage reaction after regaining composure. Usman fully accepted his defeat with grace and is ready to return to the octagon to have a trilogy.

Usman phoned White during the presser to let him know he’s fine and to potentially ask for a trilogy – and he also graciously congratulated Edwards on his victory.

Of course Usman was less gracious during and was actually bending the rules left and right trying to retain the title during the rounds leading up to the knock out.


“Leon’s a tough dude. The thing is, the reason he’s a tough guy is because even when I break his spirit, break his will, the next round he always starts with the heat. It’s almost like he replenishes, he doesn’t stay on E. He’ll come back, even though I remind him very quickly to go back down, he always comes back with it.” Usman said after UFC 278.

The 35-year-old compared Edwards to the Emil Weber Meek fight in 2018 where Usman won via decision. Usman ended his message to Edwards with a praise before running it back in their trilogy fight.

“That’s very f****** dangerous when guys fight like that. The only other guy who really fought like that was Emil Meek, the viking. That motherf*****, I would have to beat him into the ground to stop him. Props to him. And all I have to do to beat those kinds of guys is just outclass them, and I did that. But sometimes, something crazy happens. Good job, ‘Rocky.’ Good job, ‘Rocky.’ See you soon.” Usman added.