(Video) Unforeseen Incident at LFA 160: Main event star propelled out of the cage in a rare cage mishap

A memorable incident unfolded during a recent MM) bout that left spectators cackling. In an unforeseen turn of events, one of the men competing was propelled out of the cage in an odd accident, adding an unexpected twist to the LFA 160 event on June 16 in Kentucky.

Throughout the night, the MMA event proceeded smoothly, captivating the audience. However, it was during the lightweight bout between Josiah Harrell and Mike Roberts that the incident occurred, leaving everyone stunned.

During the main event, Harrell and Roberts engaged in a fierce battle. Unfortunately, early in the third round, a mishap transpired when Harrell attempted a powerful double-leg takedown, pushing Roberts towards the cage.

Harrell’s takedown was executed flawlessly, displaying his strength and skill. However, the force applied was so immense that Roberts was forcefully propelled out of the cage, passing through the unlocked cage door along with Harrell. Reacting swiftly, the referee intervened, pausing the match to reposition both men inside of the cage.

The cause of the accident, whether it was a broken door lock or a simple oversight in locking the cage door, remains unclear. Nevertheless, this incident serves as a reminder for LFA to prioritize the safety of its athletes above all else.

The incident posed significant risks and disadvantages for both men, particularly for Harrell, who lost the opportunity to capitalize on his successful takedown. Fortunately, no injuries were sustained, allowing both athletes to readjust themselves and continue the bout.

In a turn of events, Josiah Harrell seized the moment, launching a series of powerful punches from the back mount position. Unable to effectively respond to the onslaught, Roberts left the referee with no choice but to halt the match, declaring Harrell the victor via technical knockout.

With this victory, Harrell maintains his undefeated status in his professional MMA career. The 24-year-old fighter made his debut in 2020 and has since competed in seven matches, showcasing his promising talent. On the other hand, Roberts, who suffered a defeat against Dedrek Sanders last year, now adds another loss to his record, which consists of nine wins and nine losses.

This isn’t the first time a cage mishap causes a significant interruption of an MMA event. A while ago a man was scalped while attempting a double leg takedown thanks to a misconfigured MMA cage that apparently had one of the screws uncovered.