(Video) UFC’s Michel Pereira delivers viral dance routine, scores quick submission win at UFC 299

Michel Pereira showcased an incredible performance as he dominated Michal Oleksiejczuk on Saturday night. The event took place on March 9, 2024 at UFC 299. It was broadcasted live on ESPN+ PPV. The intense match unfolded within the confines of the Kaseya Center in Miami, Florida. Pereira ended up winning the match via decisive victory via a rear-naked choke submission a mere 61 seconds into the opening round.

Before the start of the bout, Pereira captivated the audience with a fiery walkout. The former welterweight contender was accompanied by his coach, and delivered a captivating dance routine. This dynamic and entertaining entrance not only showcased Pereira’s charisma but also established him as a standout figure amidst the competitive UFC roster.

Despite being in only his second appearance in the UFC’s 185-pound division, Pereira displayed a significant size advantage over former light heavyweight Oleksiejczuk. The 30-year-old Brazilian wasted no time utilizing his extended reach and superior power.

Pereira unleashed a barrage of kicks and knees, targeting Oleksiejczuk’s body. The former light heavyweight struggled to withstand the onslaught, eventually being cornered against the cage. As Pereira seized control, he swiftly secured Oleksiejczuk’s back. Pereira then applied the rear-naked choke and secured the tap, concluding the match in just over a minute.

With this win, Pereira extends his winning streak to an impressive seven consecutive victories in the Octagon. After the match, he expressed his desire for a rapid turnaround, setting his sights on UFC 301 scheduled for May. Despite the short timeframe, Pereira sustained minimal damage during this bout. This poritioned hims as an ideal addition to the UFC’s return to Rio de Janeiro.

Michel Pereira’s commanding victory at UFC 299 not only shows his dominance in the middleweight division but also establishes him as a force to be reckoned with. As he eyes a swift return to the Octagon at UFC 301, combat sports enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing Pereira’s continued ascent in the world of mixed martial arts.