(Video) UFC’s Jared Gordon immobilizes man armed with bat, defuses incident

UFC Lightweight Jared Gordon detained a guy following an incident involving a baseball bat on a night out in the city. The perp decided it would be a good idea to assault Gordon and his family for whatever reason. Well, he miscalculated his moves and was unaware of Gordon’s career choice.

Gordon and another family member quickly took the assailant into custody. The guy was thrown to the ground as Gordon took a grip of his weapon. Even after Gordon had pinned him down, the guy would not release his grip on the bat.

Gordon addressed the assailant: “Let it go! I can’t trust you with it. You took a bat out on me!”

The assailant said, “Did I swing?”

Gordon’s family retaliated verbally, claiming he was going to strike them.

Gordon ultimately took the baseball bat from the guy after he resisted giving up the weapon. The family would eventually let the guy go unhurt since he was no longer armed.

Even after all had occurred, the assailant demanded the return of his bat. Gordon’s relative would respond, “We aren’t giving you your f*cking bat back. Go find a new one.”

On Instagram, Gordon shared the footage of the confrontation along with a caption stating hi side of the incident.

“Here’s me subduing a guy with a bat after he tried to attack my family and I with it. I don’t know how I restrained myself from beating his face in. My mother then went Karen and wanted to call the cops.”

Gordon is booked to make his UFC return in August against Leonardo Santos at UFC 278. He last appeared on Font vs Vera card where e got submitted by Grant Dawson.

His MMA record stands at 18 wins and 5 losses. Gordon had had a tumultuous life prior to his UFC tenure. He struggled a great deal between 19 and 21 and was even close to dying having ODed thrice in his life. He now advocates against it.

“At this point, I just consider myself grateful and extremely lucky and blessed to be where I am”