(Video) UFC’s Ian Garry blocks fan for releasing funny diss track about him

In a funny turn of events, UFC welterweight Ian Garry finds himself at the center of controversy, blocking a fan who released a humorous diss track about his unconventional marriage. The Irish star’s union with a wife 14 years his senior has stirred the pot, prompting fellow star Sean Strickland to weigh in on the matter.

Strickland expressed his discomfort with Garry’s marital situation, labeling it as “not right” and urging him to reconsider. Strickland vividly recalled a past encounter with Garry and his wife, offering his perspective on the relationship and advising Garry to “pull the rip cord” and make a change for the better.

The commentary from Strickland sparked a wave of memes within the MMA community, taking a humorous jab at the situation.

Many of those who posted the memes were also blocked by Garry who is micromanaging his social media and closing the comment section on select posts.

However, the controversy didn’t end there. A bold fan took it a step further by releasing a diss track aimed at Garry.

The fan named UFC Alien writes:

“I knew you was a b***h from the first day. Being kinda stoned, how you got brought up in the first place wouldn’t fight you on my worst days. Because N***a you got herpes. You were little c**t tell your girl. to tell her husband that he gave it to. All that slu*ty s**t y’all n***as stay through. Let me see. Two leprechaun fa**ots. How to stay true.”

“Even though I hate you. Even though every other fighter can replace you. You disgraceful. If I’m a dick, then you b***h has got a face full.”

The track, featuring an introduction from Mrs. Ian Garry herself, accuses content creators of inciting hate towards her. The diss track then escalates, delving into personal insults and controversial claims, including explicit language and accusations related to herpes.

Unfazed by the humorous take on the situation, Garry took matters into his own hands and decided to block the fan responsible for the diss track. This move comes amid Garry facing increased scrutiny and attention regarding his family life, which became a viral topic in the MMA community.

Reports swirling around Garry allegedly living with his wife and her ex-husband added another layer to the controversy, though the trio has denied these claims. Despite the denials, Garry’s relationship and personal life remain a focal point of discussion, making him a polarizing figure within the UFC roster.