(Video) UFC’s Dvalishvili clowns jiu jitsu in new viral video

UFC sensation Merab Dvalishvili recently posted a comedic skit on social media. The entertaining antics before his scheduled match at UFC 298 have captivated combat sports fans online.

In the hilarious video, Merab was walking along with two beautiful women by his side. The scenario took a turn as they encounter a group of men. Merab and the gang then exchange glances.

Merab approaches the gang in the skit, and there’s a heated staredown. Then Merab cautiously lowers his jacket to reveal something concealed underneath. The gang abruptly leaves, seeming to be scared. As the group of women looked on in confusion, Dvalishvili unveils his metaphorical weapon – his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Dvalishvili proudly boasts his purple belt status in BJJ. This belt stands third in the hierarchy after white and blue belts. Purple belts are widely recognized as highly skilled practitioners in BJJ, showcasing proficiency in the art form. They are regarded as an intermediate level, with the brown and black belts following.

Dvalishvili’s humorous skit became viral across social media platforms, drawing reactions and amusement from fans and netizens alike. There were numerous comments praising Dvalishvili’s charismatic personality.

Former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling recently competed against Kevin Dantzler in a grappling match at Fury Pro 8 on December 30, with Dantzler winning via decision.

Sterling expressed dissatisfaction with Dantzler’s repeated use of butt-scooting and guard pulling during the match, sparking a social media debate on the acceptability of such tactics in submission grappling.

Merab Dvalishvili, a friend of Sterling, faced the same opponent in a subsequent grappling match. Dvalishvili also voiced discontent with Dantzler’s tactics, sharing a video of the match on social media.

This is a part of their initiative to criticize guard pulling as a way to incentivise ground exchanges in BJJ.

The upcoming UFC 298 event promises an exciting bantamweight clash between two formidable competitors, Henry Cejudo and Merab Dvalishvili. The match will take place in Anaheim, California, this February. Cejudo is a former UFC bantamweight champion and Olympic gold medalist while Dvalishvili is a rising star in the division with victories over former champions like Jose Aldo and Petr Yan.

A crucial question now looms: Can Dvalishvili translate his purple belt skills from the skit to the octagon, delivering a stellar performance against the seasoned Cejudo? Only time will tell what the future holds.