(Video) UFC’s Charles Oliveira weeps while explaining meaning behind his nickname

Charles Oliveira has truly carved his name into the annals of UFC history, particularly within the lightweight division. Despite an average stint in the featherweight division, he’s undergone a remarkable transformation since moving up in weight class.

He will be competing against Arman Tsarukyan at UFC 300 for the number one contender spot. Ahead of this pivotal match, Oliveira delivered an emotional interview where he shed tears while talking about the significance of his nickname.

Explaining his nickname in an interview, Oliveira said: “A kid who came from nothing, from the bottom, from the favelas, disparaged. If God were to take me today, I would die very happy…For all that I have, for all that I provided my parents. That’s what “do Bronx” means to me…A kid that came from favelas to win.”

‘do Bronx’ is a Portugese term that means ‘from the streets.’ Oliveira is from Brazil’s favelas, which is similar to ghettos. Oliveira is not the only UFC athlete from the area; several others come from there as well. One such example is the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion, Alex Pereira.

Growing up in the favelas, Oliveira’s journey symbolizes resilience and triumph over adversity. For him, ‘do Bronx’ epitomizes his roots—a testament to his humble beginnings and ascent from the streets to success.

Oliveira has a strong relationship with his teammates, family, and friends. His daughter’s and parents’ faces are permanently inked on his chest. His family even accompanied him to a weight cut once.

Like many Brazilian UFC competitors, Charles Oliveira is a devout family guy. Oliveira became an exceptional championship-level combatant when his daughter was born, turning him from a hit-and-miss competitor.

He said: “My parents both had two jobs…My grandmother’s been the queen of my whole life. I listen to her messages when I go fight wishing me good luck and crying.”

Oliveira’s grandma is Maria Pereira Da Silva. He was raised by her in a four-room flat. Following his achievement, Oliveira made renovations to the home that his grandmother had occupied for fifty years. “Do Bronx” also said that he would always think about his home when he closed his eyes.

Oliveira’s journey is marked by faith, family, and resilience. It embodies the quintessential rags-to-riches narrative. As he continues to make waves in the UFC, his story serves as an inspiration to many, resonating far beyond the confines of the octagon.