(Video) UFC’s Belal Muhammad gets dissed by fan in all time awkward exchange

Belal Muhammad is  currently ranked at number 3 in the UFC welterweight division. He has been facing a challenging week. Despite his high rank, a title shot seems to be out of his reach for now.

One of the main reasons for the criticism directed at Muhammad is his grappling-centric style, which some fans find less exciting compared to the “just-bleed” type of events they prefer. Muhammad often secures victories through decisions, which doesn’t resonate well with fans seeking more action-packed bouts.

During a recent fan Q and A session, a fan directly questioned Muhammad’s ability to win on the streets through decisions. The exchange became awkward as Muhammad responded by suggesting they meet outside to find out the answer.

The scrutiny didn’t end there, as a photo-taking session featuring a UFC replica belt added to the discomfort. It’s clear that Muhammad is facing some tough times dealing with fan criticism.

Looking ahead, Muhammad doesn’t believe that Colby Covington, the former UFC interim champion, stands a chance against the best in the division. Despite coming close to capturing undisputed gold and having a potential title shot against current champion Leon Edwards, Covington’s abilities are being doubted by Muhammad.

Muhammad favors Edwards in a potential matchup against Covington and doesn’t believe that the latter deserves a title shot ahead of him. He expressed confidence in Edwards walking through the event and emerging victorious.

“I favor Leon. I don’t think Colby’s is the number one contender. He doesn’t deserve the fight. He’s not good. I think Leon will probably walk through him,” Muhammad told Helen Yee.

“I don’t think Colby is able or is good enough to compete with any of the guys in the division right now that are at the top five. I think anybody in the top five will beat him.”

Muhammad’s own aspirations for a title shot are hindered by guys like Kamaru Usman, Khamzat Chimaev, and Gilbert Burns, who currently rank in the top five. Despite the challenges and criticisms, Muhammad continues to persevere and aims to prove himself as a top contender in the UFC welterweight division. Only time will tell if he can overcome the obstacles and secure a shot at the championship title he seeks.