(VIdeo) UFC vet ousted after accusations he harassed a woman on Big Brother Brazil

Antonio Carlos Junior is  heavyweight competing in the PFL and a UFC veteran. He seemed to be getting along quite well with others during his current stay in the Big Brother Brazil. But that all changed rather fast.

However, he was recently captured on tape attempting to get attention from a woman in one of the bedrooms on the reality TV set.

The woman on the receiving end of his not quite graceful maneuvers was a visitor from the reality show “La Casa de Los Famosos,” a spinoff of Celebrity Big Brother. Dania Mendez was invited to spend a week in the Big Brother Brazil house. During her short time, she found herself in an awkward predicament.

In a scene from the show, Carlos attempts to kiss Mendez as they are both lying on a bed. Mendez urges him to stop. He then backs off as she calls him “loco.” Dania also refers to his condition and suspects he might be a bit out of it.

The group in charge of running Junior’s official social media pages while he is at the Big Brother home wrote a statement shortly after the event expressing regret for the conduct.

“About last night. We know some actions can’t be done even as a joke. Because of that, we sincerely apologize to Dania and her family for what happened. When he leaves the house and sees the footage, Shoeface will need to understand what happened, reassess some behaviors and learn that some lines can’t be crossed.”


Several Big Brother Brazil viewers are calling for Junior to be removed from the program for this incident. Cast members have been expelled previously from the home due to instances of inappropriate behavior.

Antonio Carlos Junior hasn’t competed since 2022, when he won the PFL heavyweight title and a $1 million reward.