(Video) UFC stars offer to fly out MMA guru to Florida after viral video claims Jon Jones is gay

In a surprising and generous offer, UFC stars Gilbert Burns and Renato Moicano, also known as “Money Moicano”, have extended an invitation to MMA guru to join them in Florida for an episode of a Show me the Money podcast. The Brazilian duo, known for their impressive skills in the Octagon, are willing to spare no expense to bring the MMA guru to South Florida for an unforgettable experience.

In a recent podcast, Burns and Barao made a public offer to the MMA guru, which includes a luxurious package that few could resist. “You coming right? He’s coming. We want you to come to South Florida. Come on the podcast, I will pay your flight to Florida. I will pay your flight back from Florida… We will get you a flight to Florida, a flight back from Florida, a suite at the Hard Rock Resort in Miami, Florida, and we will give you $1,000 to play with at the blackjack tables,” enthusiasm can be heard as he extends the elaborate invitation.

The offer doesn’t stop there. The UFC stars are also willing to treat the MMA guru to a culinary extravaganza, complete with an all-you-can-eat buffet at the Brazilian-themed restaurant, Santos. “You’re gonna feel at home, my brother”.

Additionally, they have offered to take him to the prestigious Council Oak Steakhouse, where he can indulge in the finest seafood towers and filet mignon.

When quizzed about the details of the offer, Burns emphasized that the MMA guru would not have to worry about a single expense. “We’re gonna get you… everything you want, brother. It’s on us,” he reassured.

This rare display of generosity from two of the UFC’s most respected stars is a testament to their appreciation for the MMA guru’s expertise and contributions to the sport.

The offer is still open, and only time will tell if the MMA guru will take them up on their luxurious invitation.

MMA guru responded to the invitation on twitter citing fears stemming from his last video topic. Guru made a funny essay detailing why UFC GOAT Jon Jones might be into men. The essay went viral and drew a number of controversial reactions from the MMA community.