(Video) UFC star loses to Down syndrome opponent in charity event

Jailton Almeida made an unexpected return to the ring ahead of his highly anticipated clash at UFC 299.

Participating in a charity event at Demo Fight 18 on January 27, 2023, Almeida faced Alvaro Borges. The event took place at CT de Boxe e Artes Marciais in Salvador, Brazil. Borges is an athlete with Down syndrome.

In a surprising turn of events, Almeida found himself in a challenging match against Borges. Despite initially taking Borges down, the tables turned as Borges reversed position. He then entered Almeida’s guard and delivered ground and pound. Borges then seized Almeida’s back and skillfully transitioned into a triangle after falling off the top.

The second round commenced with Almeida showcasing his strength by lifting Borges. He then ended up circling the cage and ultimately dropping him. However, Borges countered by reversing Almeida and attempting to secure an armbar.

In the end, Borges emerged victorious. He earned a WWE replica belt as a symbol of his triumph.

Following the charity bout, Almeida expressed his sentiments on social media. Despite the defeat, he graciously congratulated champion Alvinho Borges and acknowledged his well-deserved victory.

“Guys, unfortunately I couldn’t win. But my congratulations to champion Alvinho Borges. You deserve it so much!!! Congratulations,” Almeida shared.

With a record of 20-2, Almeida is gearing up for his next challenge at UFC 299 on March 9. In this highly anticipated event, he will face the No. 5 heavyweight Curtis Blydes.

Their match will be a rebooking of their previously canceled bout, which was initially set to headline UFC Sao Paulo. Almeida’s last performance was a dominant but less-than-exciting decision win over Derrick Lewis.

Jailton Almeida’s charity match may not have ended in his favor. But with his eyes set on UFC 299, fans can anticipate an intense showdown between the two skilled heavyweights.