(Video) UFC Prospect Blake Bilder Impresses as he KO’s amateur stuntman during unique gym challenge

In a daring encounter that showcased the vast difference in skill levels, UFC prospect Blake Bilder left an amateur stuntman in a state of unconsciousness within seconds of their sparring session commencing.

The Mad House, a group of content creators aspiring to carry on the legacy of the iconic television franchise, Jackass, known for its daring and often hazardous stunts, decided to explore what it’s like to spar with a professional mixed martial artist. Their curiosity led them to UFC prospect Blake Bilder’s gym, where the 33-year-old athlete graciously agreed to provide some valuable insights – albeit in the form of punches.

Bilder faced off against each member of the Mad House in a 3-round match adhering to MMA rules. Unsurprisingly, the content creators found themselves overwhelmed when pitted against a seasoned MMA athlete. Some exhibited commendable defensive skills and put up a respectable fight, while others were less fortunate.

One member of the Mad House seemingly failed to protect himself adequately. The moment the referee signaled the commencement of the match, Bilder unleashed a thunderous right hand that found its target on the content creator’s face, resulting in an instant and chilling knockout.

Bilder’s prowess did not stop there, as he also delivered a powerful body shot that left another member of the group incapacitated. In another exchange, he left an individual with a bleeding nose after a series of punches. Despite the intensity of these sparring sessions, the atmosphere remained light-hearted, with the Jackass-inspired group seemingly having a blast.

“Unfingbelievable. These guys are insane. I’m fing crazy, but these guys are crazy,” remarked Bilder in response to the wild encounter.

Blake Bilder, a promising mixed martial artist, embarked on his professional journey in 2018. He quickly established an impressive record of 6 victories and 1 draw before earning a coveted spot in Dana White’s Contender Series. After a convincing first-round submission win against Alex Morgan, he secured a contract with the UFC.

Bilder made his UFC debut in February, facing off against Shane Young and securing a victory through a unanimous decision. In his second UFC bout at UFC 289 in June, Bilder encountered Kyle Nelson but was met with his first and only loss, a unanimous decision defeat.