(Video) UFC lightweight grapples ref after getting finished

In the aftermath of Steve Garcia’s second-round KO victory over Melquizael Costa at UFC Vegas 83, referee Chris Tognoni found himself unexpectedly fending off a grappling attempt from the defeated fighter. The peculiar incident, captured in a post-fight video, has become a source of amusement for fans who took to social media to share their lighthearted reactions.

While the stoppage of the bout stirred controversy, with some fans expressing frustration over what they deemed a late intervention by Tognoni, the comical grapple attempt by Costa added a touch of unexpected humor to the situation. Fans on various platforms seized the opportunity to inject a bit of levity into the scenario, offering humorous takes on the incident.

@ANTONIOEESPARZA playfully remarked on Tognoni’s grappling skills, stating, “He has better takedown defense than Gastelum.” Other fans chimed in with comments like “Stuffed that s**t,” “Not a switch. But good takedown defense. 😂,” and “Point for cage grab,” turning the incident into a lighthearted exchange within the MMA community.

Despite the laughter provoked by the grappling attempt, the focus also shifted to another rising star at UFC Vegas 83. Undefeated Japanese star Tatsuro Taira secured a second-round TKO win over Carlos Hernandez, elevating his record to an impressive 14-0. In a post-fight interview, Taira expressed his desire for a ranked opponent in his next bout, specifically calling out Muhammad Mokaev.


As fans continue to enjoy the lighter side of MMA, the sport’s unpredictable moments, both inside and outside the cage, remain a captivating aspect for enthusiasts worldwide.