(Video) UFC legend Tank Abbott had a funny way of calling out Ken Shamrock over lying about lifting 600lbs

In a recent podcast appearance, mixed martial arts veteran Tank Abbott let loose a witty tirade against fellow MMA legend Ken Shamrock, calling him out for allegedly lying about lifting 600 pounds. The exchange, which has been making waves in the MMA community, serves as a reminder of the importance of accuracy in the world of sports.

According to a clip from the podcast, Abbott unleashed a scathing critique of Shamrock, saying: “Who else I heard on your show say he benched at 600 pounds? That’s why I wanted to get it on tape. Who said that? They lift 600? Ken Shamrock. ”

“The only time Ken Shamrock has been under 600 pounds would have to be a plus-size w**rehouse.”

Abbott’s biting words are likely a reference to Shamrock’s claim of bench-pressing 600 pounds, a figure that has been met with skepticism by many in the MMA community. While Shamrock has yet to publicly respond to Abbott’s criticisms, the jab has undoubtedly made cackles echo in the industry.

Fellow MMA enthusiasts are abuzz with speculation about Shamrock’s real lifting abilities, with some questioning the accuracy of his claim. As one commenter on social media remarked, “Was that a 10-8 round?!”

For his part, Abbott appears to be taking a stand against what he perceives as Shamrock’s dishonesty. In an interview, he explained his motives: “I’m not trying to bash Ken or anyone else. I’m just trying to bring some truth to the table. If someone’s going to make a claim like that, they need to back it up.”

While some may view Abbott’s sharp words as a form of trash talk, others see his stance as a vital reminder of the importance of veracity in sports. As MMA continues to evolve, so too does the expectation of authenticity from its athletes and promoters.