(Video) UFC featherweight literally runs away from hard hitting opponent during UFC Vegas 77

Norman Dumont showcased her dominance in a decisive victory against Chelsea Chandler at UFC Vegas 77. From the opening round, Dumont asserted her authority, leaving Chandler little room to breathe. However, it was Chandler’s peculiar response to Dumont’s striking that stole the show.

As Dumont closed in with a flurry of punches, Chandler turned away and sprinted towards the fence, running into it. Unfazed, Dumont pursued her, delivering a relentless barrage of strikes. The unexpected moment surprised spectators and even had commentators amused.

The tension between Dumont and Chandler was evident, as they had clashed backstage during the face-off on Friday. Despite the bad blood, Dumont’s dominance was undeniable.

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The comical incident sparked a wave of humorous reactions on Twitter, with even UFC starsjoining in. Derek Brunson mocked Chandler’s evasive move, jokingly comparing it to a 100m dash.

It’s also not unheard of with these previous incidents.


While many found amusement in the situation, some expressed surprise at seeing a professional literally running away in a match.

In her interview, Norma Dumont showed no surprise at Chandler’s tactic. The Brazilian threw shade at her opponent.

“I will be surprised the day I hit someone, and she keeps going forward. The way she ran doesn’t surprise me because it’s the same way she ran back during the weigh-ins on Friday.”

Despite the odd moment, Norman Dumont’s dominant performance was the highlight of the women’s featherweight bout at UFC Vegas 77. Chandler’s evasive tactics may have raised eyebrows, but Dumont’s skills and aggression earned her the well-deserved unanimous decision victory.

As the event unfolded, it became evident that UFC Vegas 77 was not just about the physical display of skills but also moments of unexpected humor. Norman Dumont’s triumph and Chelsea Chandler’s unusual reaction will undoubtedly be remembered in the realm of UFC history.