(Video) UFC Fans go wild comparing Volkanovski and Makhachev hitting pads

Prior to their title match at UFC 284 in Perth, footage of Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev hitting pads has surfaced.

This weekend, Volkanovski will go up a weight class to face 155-pound champion Makhachev in an attempt to create history. If he were to be successful, he would be one of the few competitors who have simultaneously held two UFC titles.

Additionally, Volkanovski will be competing in his own country. The UFC invited fans and media to an open workout in Perth before the occasion.

As spectators anxiously watched, both competitors engaged in some ground game in addition to their striking. However, fans truly became aware of the pair’s glaring difference in skills when they were hitting pads.

Volkanovski looked clean and sharp. He threw technical combinations that were quick and powerful. On the other hand, Makhachev is a professional wrestler. Thus, he didn’t seem as polished. He had good striking skills, but he wasn’t nearly as lethal a puncher as Volkanovski.

Comparison video of the two in action draws a single conclusion.

“Difference between striking pads with Volk & Islam is pretty wide.”

Some of the comments were as follows:

“It’s not even close.”

“Volk is Advanced. Islam is still learning the basics.”

“A striker vs a wrestler. Shocked that the striker looks better on the pads.”

“Volk’s faints and rhythm changes are awesome, and give him an advantage on the feet against anyone he faces.”

However, others didn’t seem very worried about Makhachev as he is extremely skilled in wrestling. The comments supporting Makhachev were as follows:

“Big difference in the grappling too though!”

“Can’t use that striking if you cant keep the fight standing.”

“Remember when y’all did this comparison with Charles Oliveira and Islam? Then Charles got dropped and finished?”

While many people have previously criticized Makhachev’s striking, Volkanovski himself adopted a different stance.

He said: “He’s a very calculated fighter. He doesn’t take unnecessary risks. Him coming looking for a knockout, that’s an unnecessary risk. He won’t be doing that.”

He doesn’t overcommit too much. He does sometimes, but he will fight on the back foot and wait for the right time to shoot and things like that. His distance game isn’t too bad. So little things like that he does well. Like I said, he’s calculated.”