(Video) UFC employee goes viral, trying to land a date with coworker during live UFC broadcast

In a potentially humorous turn of events at UFC Vegas 84, one UFC employee found himself in the limelight. This happened after he attempted a move similar to Herb Dean’s antics from the previous year.

The incident became viral, triggering discussions and reactions across various social media platforms.

The video is a mere 9 seconds long and unfolds with a UFC competitor gearing up to enter the octagon. A female UFC staffer oversees the combatant’s safety checks, accompanied by another staff member.

Engaging in conversation, the male employee touches her shoulder. This prompts a smile, and she starts talking as well. The clip concludes with both parties sharing smiles and conversing during their interaction.

While the video provides a clip of this peculiar incident, the backstory remains undisclosed. Delving into the unknown details could offer insights into the dynamics between the individuals involved.

Despite the humorous nature of the video, it underscores a critical message emphasizing the importance of professionalism. Safety checks are a pivotal aspect of the game, demanding staff members to be vigilant. Maintaining standards is crucial for cultivating a courteous and professional workplace, especially in the high-stakes environment of UFC events.

UFC Vegas 84 left the MMA world in a state of giggles, criticism, and debate. The incident portrayed an alleged attempt at ‘rizzing’ up a female coworker during an athlete safety screening.

This triggered varied reactions from combat sports fans and enthusiasts. This viral video prompted discussions surrounding professionalism and appropriate conduct within the UFC context.

Some viewed the incident as humorous, while others criticised the perceived lack of professionalism during safety checks. The debate extended to whether it was a normal conversation or crossed the line.

Below are snippets of reactions from the MMA community:

“Boy caught in 4k😂”

“Mans gotta shoot his shot somehow😭”

“The hand on shoulder was so slow and awkward. Lil tappy tap 😂”

“Shawty kinda bad you know”