(Video) Tyson Fury taunts “useless piece of s***” Oleksandr Usyk ahead of Saudi clash

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury delivered a provocative message to his upcoming opponent, Oleksandr Usyk. Fury branded him as a “useless piece of s***” in a recent video.

Fury is gearing up for the highly anticipated undisputed world title clash against fellow champion Usyk scheduled for February 17th in Saudi Arabia. Originally set for December, the match faced a delay. Fury was pushed to his limits by former UFC champion Francis Ngannou in their crossover bout two months earlier.

To further his preparations for the upcoming match, Fury journeyed to Saudi Arabia on New Year’s Eve to intensify his training. The British boxer posted a video ridiculing Usyk and threatening that he would smash Usyk’s face.

He said: “Another big day of running in the f****ng mountains! Come on! Easy work, smashing Usyk’s little rabbit face right in for him. Useless piece of s***.”

Fury then captioned the video: “Working hard for the undisputed heavyweight championship 2024” along with the hashtag “run rabbit run”.

Following his bout against Ngannou, Fury faced criticism from his father John. Hoever, Fury admitted that Ngannou was his toughest opponent in the last decade.

British boxing legend Carl Froch was initially in support of Fury against Usyk but altered his prediction after Fury’s match with Ngannou.

He said: “2024 is going to be a fantastic year. Hopefully with a close humdinger with Fury and Usyk. I’m picking Usyk for that one, just because of where Tyson Fury is mentally. Hopefully Fury can have a good camp and rekindle some of his old greatness in terms of when he fought Deontay Wilder three times.”

He continued: “He looked good, he looked different every time. I don’t know, that’s gone now. He struggles to get the weight off him. He seems under-motivated. When he fought Ngannou he looked confused. Has he got old overnight? Hopefully he turns up and gets the job done, because I want those titles to return to Britain, but at the minute I think Usyk wins that fight.”