(Video) Tyson Fury stops “idiot” dad from getting into an altercation during Dillian Whyte face offs

Tyson Fury has been super excited heading into what’s announced to be his retirement bout. The 32 year old Fury will be facing Dillian Whyte this weekend in the United Kingdom.

During the face off for the event, Fury had to play mediator for dad John who is a former boxer himself. While posing for pictures, Fury and Whyte kept it professional but Fury’s dad grew anxious seeing how Whyte’s team was acting. The 57 year old then had a harsh exchange of words leading up to an escalation of tension.

Tyson Fury was quick to defuse his father, John, as the argument broke out with the members of the opposing team. Whyte and Fury urged their teams to move away. This prevented the situation from escalating.

Whyte criticized the older Fury after the fact:

“Tyson Fury’s dad needs to relax. My man is 600 years old and stepping forward, trying not to let my guys on the stage,” he said.

“I said ‘John calm down you’re an adult, you keep screaming and shouting like a child this is me and Tyson’s day, why are you getting involved, this is me and your son’s day, take it easy’. John was trying to start something, he wants to rob the fans of a fight, he’s a real idiot.”

Fury admitted that this was a close call:
“I prevented a big ruckus on stage. Everyone wants to see screaming and shouting, but let the two boxers do the fight and enjoy it,” he said.

“It’s not for entourages to get involved, I had to be professional, step back and let me get on with it. The man’s getting paid to do his job and so am I. People are here for a real fight, we don’t need to scream and shout.”