(Video) Tony Ferguson teaches a kid to ankle pick

Tony Ferguson has a larger than life personality which has captured a tremendous number of fans across the globe. While Ferguson might be past his prime he’s certainly not willing to hang up the gloves just yet. This is why he decided to join the renowned Jackson Wink camp in Albuquerque.

While there, Ferguson shared details for one of his ‘secret moves’ . Ankle picks are about more than just wrestling for Ferguson. He’s appropriated the move and serves it up as ‘his move’ and has for a very long time. The origin of the phrase and connection to Ferguson goes back to Ferguson’s confrontation with (much larger) Werdum in which he threatened Werdum with it.

In recent history, Ferguson had playfully ankle picked Michael Chandler during their face off.

Ferguson has been on top of all these internet trends concerning himself and has opted to include a young fan recently.

Despite the fact that Ferguson finally joined a professional MMA team, Cormier still doubts he can orchestrate a comeback. Ferguson has fallen quite a bit from grace. He’s gone from being the interim champion to barely hanging in the top 10 in the lightweight division.

“Man, this is a bit of a tough one, right? Because I tap in on him chasing down that past greatness,” Cormier said on his ESPN show “DC & RC.”

“I just don’t know if there’s any more of that. I just believe that we all have a time. We all have a time, and I believe that time’s gone.”

“I don’t believe that much is going to change for Tony Ferguson with the camp change. I just believe that his time has passed, and no camp change is going to change that.”