(Video) Tony Ferguson much? Canelo Alvarez has an unhinged way of working on his neck strength

Canelo Alvarez has undoubtedly earned his place at the pinnacle of the sport through years of unwavering dedication and grueling training. His commitment to maintaining peak physical condition has turned his body into a formidable display of raw power.

With an impressive record of 60 victories in 64 outings, including 39 by knockout, Canelo’s strength is a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. In cases where his opponents manage to evade his knockout blows, it’s often because they are trying to avoid his immense power. Moreover, his quick reflexes and swift head movement make it nearly impossible for adversaries to land clean hits.

One critical element contributing to his remarkable head movement is the strength of the muscles in his neck. Observing Canelo in the ring before an event, you’ll notice him constantly moving his head and neck to maintain flexibility. Recently, Canelo’s trainer, Eddy Reynoso, shared a video showcasing Canelo’s unique neck training regimen.

However, it’s essential to note that everyday individuals should avoid attempting this exercise at home. Canelo possesses an extraordinary level of physical fitness, and such a routine could easily lead to neck or back strains for the average person.

This kind of thing has a mixed reception because it can be easy to hurt yourself in a similar way. UFC’s Tony Ferguson is a fan of this type of neck exercise and was criticized for it time and time again.

Fresh from his significant victory over Jermell Charlo, in which he successfully defended his undisputed super middleweight titles, Canelo is already back in the gym, less than a month later. While the details of his next opponent and the fight date remain undisclosed, rumors are circulating about a possible matchup with Jaime Munguia in May. Alternatively, fans may have to wait until September to witness a showdown between Canelo and David Benavidez, which is currently the most probable course of action.