(Video) Tommy Fury and world’s strongest man Eddie Hall do one punch challenge, with Hall nearly vomiting

Boxer Tommy Fury and strongman Eddie Hall recently swapped their lives for a day. They traded diets and training routines, and even ended up throwing punches at each other.

Before going to the gym for boxing practice, Fury and Hall ate a hearty meal. They then agreed to engage in a body shot challenge, trading blows to the stomach turn-by-turn.

Fury’s punch to Hall’s stomach was so powerful that it left the former world’s strongest man heaving and nearly vomiting. Hall acknowledged the raw power in Fury’s punch, stating that it was the hardest he had ever experienced.

Hall stated: “Fair play, man. There’s some power in that, man. Jesus. And again mate, I’ve done that with so many people and that is by far the hardest. By far the hardest.”

Fury then ended up consuming a staggering 9,000 calories in a day. This is four times the average male consumption. Additionally, this was the first time that Fury put on boxing gloves since his match with Jake Paul. Fury has been on a break after the match with Paul.

Tommy Fury had faced setbacks with two forced pullouts from his celebrity grudge match against Jake Paul. His rib injury in December 2021 and US visa issue had delayed the match. However, he was determined to get back into the ring. The eight-round bout between Fury and Paul ended in a split-decision win for Fury.

Fury said: “It felt good because there was a lot on that fight. Especially because the fight fell through twice before. It was like, ‘Tommy’s scared, he doesn’t want to lose to a YouTuber.’ You know, that was never the case.”

“All those reasons why the first fights didn’t happen were legitimate, so to go out there, put an end to it all and shut him up once and for all, it felt amazing.”