(Video) Three guys restrain Cody Garbrandt after incident with Tumenov on a podcast

Former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt is no stranger to heated encounters, and his recent incident in Russia further underscores his high-tempo persona. The 32-year-old , known for his fiery temperament and unpredictable behavior, tried to charge at Russian MMA star Bibert Tumenov.

Garbrandt’s history of incidents within the MMA community is well-documented. Notably, he clashed with Conor McGregor during their time on TUF reality show.

Despite the passage of time, it seems Garbrandt’s “anytime, anywhere” mindset remains unchanged. His latest snafu occurred in Russia, where he traveled to support his longtime friend and former PFL champion, Lance Palmer.

Garbrandt and Palmer’s friendship extends over a decade, having trained together since their early years in Ohio. Palmer transitioned to the Russian MMA promotion ACA and is set to make his debut against Bibert Tumenov, a respected contender.

The incident unfolded during a podcast session that featured Garbrandt, Palmer, and Tumenov, aimed at promoting the upcoming event. A comment from Garbrandt apparently offended Tumenov, triggering an immediate reaction. Tumenov abruptly rose from his seat and advanced towards Garbrandt, escalating the situation into a potential brawl.

Garbrandt responded in kind, intensifying the confrontation further. The situation was diffused by podcast participants who intervened, preventing an all-out brawl between the two fighters. Despite attempts to hold them back, both Garbrandt and Tumenov remained agitated, trading verbal insults.

Eventually, the podcast organizers managed to escort both fighters outside the studio, attempting to restore order. Even as they were being led away, the verbal exchange continued, showcasing the intensity of the moment.

Cody Garbrandt’s journey in the UFC has been marked by both success and challenges. During his bantamweight title reign, he emerged as one of the promotion’s standout stars, amassing an impressive 10-fight win streak and showcasing an aggressive and dynamic fighting style. His crowning achievement came when he dethroned Dominick Cruz to become the bantamweight champion.

However, Garbrandt’s championship run was short-lived, and he faced a series of setbacks with a 1-5 record after claiming the title. Following a two-year hiatus, he made his return at UFC 285, defeating Trevin Jones via unanimous decision.

While Garbrandt was initially scheduled to face Mario Bautista at UFC 292, an injury forced him to withdraw from the bout. His MMA return has yet to be scheduled due to lingering hip and back issues.