(Video) This UFC star suffered horrific elbow dislocation in 34-second loss thanks to missing day one classes in MMA

Brazilian strawweight Istela Nunes has faced numerous challenges since joining the UFC in 2021. She has failed to secure a single victory. Unfortunately, her most recent bout at UFC on ESPN 49 only added to her string of disappointments.

In her match against UFC debutant Victoriia Dudakova, Nunes’ anticipated clash was cut short. A mere 34 seconds into the bout, she dislocated her elbow while attempting to defend against Dudakova’s takedown.

Overall, incorporating breakfall training from day one in MMA helps lay a solid foundation for a fighter’s overall development and safety. It sets the stage for learning more advanced techniques, improves ground fighting abilities, and instills the importance of injury prevention throughout a fighter’s career.

This isn’t applicable only to MMA, typically judo, jiu-jitsu and even wrestling teach breakfalls and to not post on an arm like this because the entirety of your weight will be going to said limb
UFC president Dana White shared an X-ray of the severe injury on social media, clearly displaying the extent of the damage. This kind of injury will inevitably force Nunes to take a substantial break from the Octagon.

Following this defeat, Istela Nunes currently holds a 4-0 loss record in the UFC. Her last win was back in 2018 at a ONE Championship bout against Gina Iniong.

Nunes’ overall professional mixed martial arts record stands at 6 wins, 5 losses, and one no-contest.

On the other hand, Victoriia Dudakova made an impressive debut with her victory over Nunes. This win extended her undefeated record to 7-0. Dudakova is a former participant in Dana White’s Contender Series and has previously competed in other promotions.

UFC strawweight competitor Diana Belbita expressed genuine concern for Istela Nunes and the challenges she faced following her elbow injury. In a recent tweet, Belbita shared her sympathy and hoped that Nunes would be given another opportunity to redeem her UFC career.

She wrote: “Ohh, I feel so bad for Istela Nunes. 😖 Especially because I think that was her last chance to prove that she deserves her spot in UFC. I hope she will get another chance.”