(Video) Thief drinks a pint after store clerk traps him in shutters during robbery

In a memorable turn of events, a courageous shop owner in England managed to thwart a would-be thief and ensure his capture by trapping him under the store’s front shutter. The robber’s ill-fated attempt at robbery ultimately led to his arrest and subsequent prison sentence.

The incident took place in Durham City when Martin Trimble, 30, entered a convenience store armed with a knife. Threatening the store owner, he grabbed a four-pack in an attempt to make off with stolen goods. However, the quick-thinking shop owner had other plans in mind.

Instead of allowing Trimble to escape, the store owner swiftly ran outside and closed the door, effectively confining the would-be thief within the premises. Demonstrating remarkable bravery, the shop owner held the door tightly shut, preventing Trimble from fleeing the scene.

Not willing to let his actions go unpunished, the shop owner took decisive action by lowering the storefront shutter, ensuring that Trimble remained trapped inside. Undeterred, the determined thief tried to free himself by forcefully breaking the door away from the owner’s grip, hoping to slip out before the shutter fully descended.

However, Trimble’s plans were foiled as the shutter descended lower than expected, leaving him pinned to the ground, partially exposed to the streets. Realizing the futility of his situation, Trimble resorted to an astonishing act—he opened one of the stolen drinks and defiantly drank it while awaiting the arrival of the police.

Responding promptly to the call, the officers arrived at the scene within three minutes and promptly arrested Trimble. Charged with attempted robbery and possession of a knife, Trimble later pleaded guilty and received a prison sentence on June 16.

Detective Sergeant Paul Mawson of Durham Constabulary expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “It wasn’t the most difficult arrest we have ever made. To be honest, it was an open and shut case.” The store owner’s quick actions and unwavering determination played a pivotal role in ensuring the successful capture of the culprit.