(Video) Tawanchai breaks Davit Kiria’s arm with a kick

In a recent Muay Thai match, a rare moment unfolded when reigning ONE Muay Thai featherweight champion Tawanchai Saenchaimuaythaigym broke his opponent’s arm with a single powerful middle kick.

The incident occurred during the main event of ONE FN13, held on August 4 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tawanchai was defending his title against his formidable opponent, Davit Kiria. The match had been intense from the beginning, with both exchanging powerful kicks. However, in the third round, Tawanchai took control and showcased his dominance.

With lightning speed, Tawanchai unleashed a middle kick using his left foot, which landed directly on Kiria’s right arm, resulting in a bone-breaking impact. Realizing the severity of the injury, Kiria raised his hand to signal the halt of the action and walked away in pain, clutching his broken arm. The referee promptly intervened and stopped the match, awarding Tawanchai the victory.

“I went to apologise to him for the arm, but he said congratulations, that’s all,” the 24-year-old Thai told the Post at Lumpinee Stadium.

“I was in such good shape, the only thing that was gonna stop me was a major injury or a knockout and sadly it happened!” Kiria wrote in an Instagram post, where he shared an X-ray of his broken arm.

This victory marked Tawanchai’s second successful defense of his ONE Muay Thai featherweight title. The 24-year-old had previously won the title by defeating Petchmorakot Petchyindee. In his first title defense, he had defeated Jamal Yusupov with a vicious leg kick that left his opponent limping.

Tawanchai’s remarkable performance has solidified his standing in the world of professional Muay Thai. He is now set to defend his title for the third time against Superbon Singha Mawynn at ONE FN 15, scheduled for October 7 in Bangkok, Thailand. As Tawanchai’s career continues to rise, his powerful and precise techniques are gaining him recognition as one of the sport’s top athletes.