(Video) Sumo wrestler wins with a wild MMA submission

A recent sumo match has taken social media by storm. In a clash between renowned sumo wrestlers Terunofuji Haruo and Ura Kazuki, the match escalated to a jaw-dropping finale featuring an iconic Jon Jones arm crank and a forceful expulsion from the arena.

Sumo, a traditional Japanese sport rooted in deep cultural and religious significance, involves two colossal competitors, known as ‘rikishi,’ engaging in a fierce battle within a circular arena. Clothed only in loincloths, these athletes follow unique rules, rituals, and strict traditions, contributing to the sport’s limited recognition outside Japan.

The recent viral match between Haruo and Kazuki showcased the raw power and aggression characteristic of these two famous sumo wrestlers. As the bout commenced, both competitors charged towards each other, colliding in the center of the arena. Haruo’s strength initially seemed to dominate, pushing Kazuki perilously close to the edge.

Kazuki, displaying impressive agility, skillfully circled the arena in an attempt to evade Haruo’s force. However, his efforts were thwarted when Haruo executed an arm crank, a notorious technique capable of causing serious harm by forcing the opponent’s elbow in the opposite direction. Haruo elevated the brutality by swinging Kazuki around while maintaining the arm crank.

Facing the threat of a broken arm, Kazuki had no choice but to follow Haruo’s movements, losing balance in the process. Seizing the opportunity, Haruo forcefully pushed Kazuki out of the arena, securing his victory in a dramatic and ruthless fashion.

The arm crank, a rare yet impactful technique, gained notoriety in professional mixed martial arts, notably when former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones attempted it against Glover Teixeira. The move resurfaced in the sumo arena, adding a unique twist to the sport’s traditional repertoire.

The move is commonly refered to as the ‘Mir Lock’ honoring UFC veteran Frank Mir who pioneered it.

Interestingly, UFC champion Sean Strickland went viral several years ago when he attacked an ADCC gold medalist during the training for attempting this move on him during a preparation for a UFC bout.