(Video) Steven Seagal teaches UFC Light Heavyweight champion Alex Pereira how to block punches

The recent revelation of Hollywood actor and martial artist Steven Seagal mentoring UFC star Alex Pereira ahead of UFC 300 has stirred mixed reactions among MMA fans. Seagal’s unconventional techniques, showcased in a viral video, have sparked debate over their efficacy in modern combat sports.

In the video, Seagal, known for his contentious relationship with the MMA community, demonstrates unorthodox methods to Pereira, who is slated to face Jamahal Hill in the main event of UFC 300. Seagal’s history includes claims of teaching Anderson Silva the front kick that famously knocked out Vitor Belfort.

However, fans expressed skepticism over Seagal’s relevance in contemporary MMA training. The video, which features Seagal instructing Pereira on blocking punches using a technique similar to Pereira’s devastating left hook, raised eyebrows given Pereira’s established prowess in striking.

Despite Seagal’s polarizing reputation, UFC fighters like Pereira have maintained amicable relationships with him. Seagal’s interactions with fighters such as Islam Makhachev and Luke Rockhold attest to his presence within UFC circles.

Nevertheless, fans took to social media to voice their skepticism and amusement at Seagal’s mentorship of Pereira. Some questioned Seagal’s credentials in MMA, while others jokingly attributed Pereira’s success to Seagal’s tutelage.

While Pereira’s decorated kickboxing background speaks for itself, fans remain divided over the potential impact of Seagal’s guidance. As Pereira prepares for his title defense against Hill at UFC 300, the debate surrounding Seagal’s influence adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

As the UFC community awaits Pereira’s highly anticipated bout, the partnership between the two figures continues to capture attention and speculation. Whether Seagal’s teachings will translate into success inside the octagon remains to be seen.