(Video) Stephen Thompson teaches a lesson to “disrespectful” opponent who was messing with his sister

Stephen Thompson is known as one of the nicest men in mixed martial arts. Thompson is now on a tail end of a long and storied UFC career. Prior to taking up MMA, Wonderboy was a great kickboxer with an undefeated record consisting of 57 wins and no losses.

Thompson recently shared a very interesting story. At one of his tournaments he was pitted against a man who was making unwanted advances towards his sister at the time.

 a” guy named JR Benard. Now a little history behind it. This guy was a very cocky ”

“He had just got done beating my dad’s instructor… Not only did he beat him, but he did it in a very unrespectful way.””

“After he was just kinda showboating and stuff like that… My sister was talking to him a little bit, like talking talking to him a little bit”

“this was another reason I had to go all out on this guy.”

Thompson went on to school the guy and teach him a long and painful lesson.

Thompson is 39 years old and just revisiting the footage made him crave how he felt at the time.
“it fires me up. I gotta get back to this kinda mindset. I just went through puberty, so I had that new sense of testosterone flowing through my body. I was relentless, nonstop, after this guy.”

Thompson is ranked at #7 in the welterweight division. He had tried to capture the title from Tyron Woodley unsuccessfully some years back.