(Video) Spitting replaces tussling in China in a strange new trend

In a series of viral videos circulating on social media, real life tussles in China have taken an unexpected turn, forgoing physical combat for an unsettling practice of spitting on opponents without throwing a single punch.

China, renowned as the birthplace and a global hub of diverse martial arts styles, has seen a departure from traditional fighting in the modern era. Due to stringent rules penalizing physical conflict, engaging in a slugfest can result in severe financial consequences, including substantial medical bills, compensation payments, and fines. Faced with such repercussions, individuals are discouraged from resorting to physical altercations.

However, as in any country, conflicts can occasionally escalate beyond control. Instead of resorting to physical blows, individuals in China opt for a peculiar alternative – spitting. While in many cultures, spitting is considered highly offensive and worse than a mere punch, it has become a common occurrence in Chinese roads.

Social media platforms showcase altercations where individuals confront each other with an intimidating demeanor, only to engage in an intense exchange of spitting without physical contact. The spectacle is both bizarre and unsettling, especially for those unfamiliar with this peculiar form of conflict resolution. Participants seem accustomed to the practice, showing no visible reaction when spat upon.

Beyond the peculiar nature of these altercations lies a health risk, as participants exchange saliva, potentially transmitting infections or diseases. The lack of a tangible winner in such encounters raises questions about the logic behind this unorthodox form of conflict.

Commentary on social media reflects widespread confusion and disapproval. One individual noted, “In many countries, spitting in someone’s face is regarded as assault and a criminal offense.” Another expressed disbelief, stating, “Spitting on someone can be a felony. This is mind-boggling.”

Amidst the criticism, a touch of humor emerged, with one person quipping, “No pain, no bloodshed, no tear… what a peaceful fight.”

While spitting on someone’s face is generally considered disrespectful and unacceptable behavior in many countries, the consequences in China appear less severe, sparking both bewilderment and criticism on a global scale.