(Video) Snake Hunters Wrestle 19ft Python in Florida

Witness the astonishing scene as snake catchers grapple with a colossal 19ft Burmese python, setting a historic record as the longest python ever discovered in the United States.

The heart-stopping footage, filmed within the expansive expanse of Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida, showcases the fearless actions of snake hunter Jake Waleri, a mere 22 years old. In a swift and daring maneuver, Waleri seizes control of the 125lb python, deftly clasping its neck just as the serpent lunges menacingly with its jaws agape.

With unyielding determination, Mr. Waleri engages in an intense struggle against the python, an immense creature reaching the height of an adult giraffe. Onlookers react with astonishment, their exclamations ringing out: “Oh my God! Let’s go!”

Amidst the dramatic encounter, another companion inquires urgently: “Have you got tape on you, I know you carry tape.” In a deft display of skill, the hunters swiftly subdue the female python, efficiently sealing its powerful jaws with a carefully applied tape.

Florida’s regulations permit the capture and elimination of Burmese pythons, a species devoid of natural adversaries. These pythons have surged in population and size, presenting a significant challenge to the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Noteworthy is the revelation that the captured Burmese python holds the distinction of being the longest python ever identified in the United States, as confirmed by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. This triumph shatters the previous Florida record of 18ft 9in.

The Burmese python stands as one of the largest snake species globally, having found an unwelcome habitat as an introduced species within the United States. In particular, the lush wilderness of Florida has borne the brunt of their invasive presence, resulting in the predation of native creatures such as raccoons, opossums, white-tailed deer, and even alligators.

The impact of these pythons extends far beyond mere predation, causing ‘severe declines’ in indigenous species, as indicated by the United States Geological Survey. Even the highly endangered Florida panther, a rare and majestic feline species, faces the threat of food competition from these invasive reptiles.

The monumental capture of this 19ft Burmese python stands as a testament to the tireless efforts of snake hunters and conservationists, who strive to maintain the ecological harmony of Florida’s rich landscapes.

Witness the extraordinary video captures and join in awe as this historic feat unfolds:

The remarkable Burmese python capture marks an unprecedented achievement, echoing far beyond the wilds of Florida. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s announcement reverberates with the monumental truth: the United States has witnessed the discovery of its longest python to date, an astonishing revelation in the world of herpetology.