(Video) Slow motion shows the exact moment MMA star dislocated shoulder

An incident unfolded during a recent mixed martial arts (MMA) bout. A competitor suffered a shoulder dislocation following a striking exchange.

Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW), a renowned MMA promotion headquartered in Poland, has hosted numerous successful events, showcasing a lineup of talented athletes. Recently, KSW 93 took center stage, captivating audiences on April 6 in Paris, France.

True to form, the promotion delivered captivating performances, featuring seasoned veterans and emerging talents in thrilling matchups. Athletes demonstrated their grit and determination, resulting in memorable moments and decisive finishes. However, one encounter concluded unexpectedly. In the co-main event, Wilson Varela faced off against Marian Ziolkowski in a lightweight showdown.

The bout was intense, with both fighters unleashing relentless strikes. The first round saw a flurry of action as they pursued a finish. Engaging in a striking exchange, each competitor had their moments. Yet, the momentum shifted dramatically in the second round due to an unforeseen injury.

During an exchange, Ziolkowski threw a punch with his right hand, leading to a sudden shoulder dislocation. Initially unnoticed, the severity of the injury became apparent when Varela alerted the referee. Slow-motion footage revealed the extent of the injury, leaving Ziolkowski unable to continue.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the referee intervened, declaring Varela the winner via technical knockout in the second round.

Following this outcome, Wilson Varela’s winning streak extends to six victories, enhancing his record to 12 wins and 5 losses. Conversely, Marian Ziolkowski’s four-win streak comes to an abrupt end, with his record now standing at 25 wins, 9 losses, and 1 draw.

A shoulder injury marred the KSW co-main event for Marian Ziolkowski, with Wilson Varela securing the TKO victory in round two. #KSW93