(Video) Slick anaconda submission steals the show at UAE Warriors 48

UAE Warriors, a prominent mixed martial arts promotion headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, recently captivated fans with another electrifying event, UAE Warriors 48, held in Santa Catarina, Brazil on March 3rd.

Among the standout moments of the night was a gripping bantamweight clash between Badr Attif and Breno Yuri Santos. From the outset, both fighters wasted no time in engaging, trading fierce strikes with unwavering intensity. The first round unfolded in a closely contested exchange, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown.

However, as the bout progressed into the second round, Attif began to assert his dominance, showcasing exceptional grappling prowess to neutralize Santos’ offense. Transitioning to a ground-heavy strategy, Attif seized control, dictating the pace of the match.

Amidst this grappling duel, Attif seized a pivotal opportunity, cinching in a tight anaconda choke on Santos. Despite his exhaustion, Santos found himself ensnared in Attif’s submission hold, unable to mount a significant resistance. Ultimately, Santos succumbed to the relentless pressure, tapping out and handing Attif a triumphant victory via submission.

The anaconda choke employed by Attif is a variation of the arm triangle choke, executed by trapping one arm under the opponent’s neck while encircling their body with the other arm, resulting in a front headlock position. While typically executed on the ground, Attif’s seamless execution while standing showcased his exceptional skill set.

Attif’s victory solidified his undefeated record, boasting an impressive tally of three consecutive wins. The Moroccan fighter further cemented his status as a rising star in the MMA realm. Conversely, Santos suffered his first professional defeat, with his record standing at 2-1 following the match.

The memorable moment served as a testament to the thrilling spectacle that UAE Warriors consistently delivers, reaffirming its status as a premier platform for showcasing top-tier MMA talent.