(Video) Sean Strickland Talks His Opponent’s Ear Off During Fight

UFC Middleweight Sean Strickland is quite the unusual character.

In recent months fans became accustomed to seeing Strickland make the headlines for weird stuff. Like the time he shared he is a former extremist, and that he would wander the streets hoping for an opportunity to murder someone.

Yep… pretty weird.

A video was recently posted on the internet with a snippet from Strickland’s fight against Jack Marshmann. Due to the pandemic, the fighters could be heard more clear than ever before.

In the video, Strickland is seen talking all kinds of thrash to his opponent mid-fight. And given that the event took place without an audience, Strickland’s talking can be heard clearly in the video.

Thrash talking during fights is something that has been seen before. A pretty good chunk of Nick Diaz’s fighting style was based around getting his opponent mad with taunts and thrash talking:

Most recently, former Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov also became known for talking to his opponents during their fights as well.

Strickland is scheduled to fight Jack Hermasson this weekend for the main event of UFC Fight Night 200, in Las Vegas.