(Video) Sean O’Malley got pwned in a DQ win during his amateur MMA days

Sean O’Malley has been a part of a new generation of UFC fighters – he’s firmly in the category of those that have other options when it comes to supporting themselves financially and as such were willing to take their time and game the system.

O’Malley has just penned a lucrative new contract with the promotion but prior to amassing an MMA record consisting of 15 wins 1 loss and 1 contest – to which he refers to as undefeated.

O’Malley also competed as an amateur from early 2013 up until late 2014 in several promotions. During one of his showings he put on a somewhat embarrassing show.



In an attempt to provoke O’Malley’s fanbase the match was reposted.  Sean O’Malley didn’t win any favors for himself when he tried denying that an eye poke took place at UFC 276.

O’Malley also celebrated the eye poke fight finish with his typical celebration- which he also has tattooed on his neck.

When the eye poke happened, Munhoz was immediately affected as can be seen in the video above. But despite the high def footage of the incident available, O’Malley and some of his fans have an alternate version kind of akin to his alternate universe in which he’s undefeated.
At the press conference after the bout O’Malley shared he ‘believed Munhoz was looking for a way out’:

“I was piecing him up, I didn’t get hit once.”

“He came in there and said ‘I’m going to kick his legs and take him down’, he tried kicking my legs and it damaged him more.”

“He couldn’t get me up against the fence and couldn’t take me down.”

“I was dominating that fight.”

O’Malley subsequently shared the following on his Instagram story.