(Video) Sean O Malley mocks Pedro Munhoz mid fight

Sean O Malley and Pedro Munhoz fought for less than 10 minutes yet they’re the talk of the MMA community come Monday morning.

While much of the scrutiny is targeted at eye-gate and the doubt Sean O’Malley cast on the eye poked Pedro Munhoz for being unable to continue their fight there were some moments of levity.

For one – Munhoz threw all of his strikes at O’Malley’s feet. But in between he also had some less than stellar striking attempts and O’Malley mocked him for it – during their bout.

Still, O’Malley had the crowd on their feet when he pulled the following:

Of course this doesn’t take away from the fact he tried to spin his subsequent No Contest as a victory. O’Malley has been trying to doctor the narrative around his career. He seems in denial as ever about his ability to counter leg attacks.