(Video) Scary knockout threatens to derail Adin Ross’ streamer boxing event

After videos of Jaydvn taking down fellow influencer Melt went viral on Saturday night, fans were left unimpressed.

Millions of people watched the live boxing event that 23-year-old renowned streamer Adin Ross held at the Kick Warehouse on Kick. The anticipation was palpable as various influencers faced off in an event that promised intense matchups.

But the spotlight shifted dramatically when Jaydvn delivered a jaw-dropping knockout to fellow influencer Melt during the first round. The viral clip showcased Jaydvn’s remarkable prowess, as he swiftly incapacitated his opponent with a single powerful punch.

But Jaydvn was not content with the initial knockout. He followed up with a punch to Melt while he was on the ground. Jaydvn then started celebrating, creating a controversial moment that divided fan opinions.

“Hey, hey get him away,” commentators could be heard yelling as the referee attended to Melt.

Amid the aftermath, Jaydvn provided insight into his actions. He said it was due to the surge of adrenaline in the heat of the match.

Jaydvn stated: “The adrenaline kicked in. I’ve gotta apologise, that was too much, I did too much. I apologise to Melt, I got caught up in the moment. My mom passed away and I’m fighting a lot of stuff right now.”

Fan reactions to the knockout varied widely. Some marveled at the unprecedented hit, with one fan expressing: “Never seen a hit like that in my life.”

Another chimed in, saying: “That was a wild KO.”

A third exclaimed, “Holy smokes what a knockout.”

However, not all reactions were positive, as some fans criticized the move of hitting an opponent on the ground.

One commented: “Hitting on the ground low key lost the coolness of the KO in my eyes.”

Another wrote: “There’s no ground and pound in boxing idiots.”

Another commented on the perceived danger, stating, “Too dangerous.”