(Video) Ronda Rousey outwrestles NFL running back on reality series ‘Stars On Mars’

‘Stars on Mars’ is a thrilling FOX game show, that has taken the concept of Celebrity Big Brother to new heights with an exciting twist. In Stars on Mars, contestants are placed in a simulated ‘space station’ and must embark on a challenging mission to Mars.

Stars on Mars brings together 12 celebrities in a captivating space camp setting. Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and former All-Pro NFL running back Marshawn Lynch are also currently participating in this unique show.

This show pushes the boundaries of reality TV by simulating a space station and introducing elimination rounds. Each week, one contestant is voted out. It’s a thrilling journey that tests both physical and mental strength.

In a recent episode of Stars on Mars, the celebrities were faced with the task of selecting a ‘Base Commander.’ Marshawn Lynch proposed settling the decision through a physical contest.

As someone who is always eager for a challenge, Ronda Rousey accepted with enthusiasm. With her competitive spirit on full display, Rousey showcased her exceptional skills and emerged as the victor in a brief yet exhilarating clip.

Marshawn Lynch is renowned for his triumphant Super Bowl victory with the Seattle Seahawks. He made the decision to retire from professional football in February 2016.

Since then, he has sought new ventures and found himself on the set of Stars on Mars. As the show progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the unique skills and competitive spirit he brings to the space camp setting.

On the other hand, Ronda Rousey said her last goodbyes to the UFC in 2016 after suffering back-to-back losses that put an end to her remarkable 12-bout winning streak. However, Rousey’s tenacity and resilience led her to explore new opportunities.

Venturing into the world of WWE, she found tremendous success and became a prominent figure in professional wrestling. As ‘Stars on Mars’ captures her adventurous spirit, viewers can’t help but wonder what lies ahead for Rousey after her time on the show.