(Video) Ringside footage shows moment Terence Crawford knocked out Errol Spence and called out Charlo

Terence Crawford showcased his undeniable prowess on Saturday night, solidifying his reputation as one of the world’s best pound-for-pound competitors. The Nebraska-native delivered a crushing ninth-round knockout to his opponent, Errol Spence. Additionally, he knocked down his opponent and sent him to the canvas on three separate occasions.

Leading up to the highly anticipated match, both boxing enthusiasts and analysts found it challenging to distinguish between the skill levels of Crawford and Spence. But once the bell rang, Crawford demonstrated a masterful display of power and precision boxing that put him several levels above Spence.

The defining moment of the match was captured by ringside cameras. Crawford unleashed a relentless barrage of blows on Spence, leaving him with immobile legs and prompting the referee to intervene and halt the match.

Video footage surfaced of Crawford’s piston-like punch in the second round that dropped Spence. Despite Spence’s valiant effort to get back on his feet, he faced two more knockdowns in the seventh round and signalled the inevitable conclusion of the bout.

Despite the clear defeat, Spence expressed his desire for a rematch during the interview. He affirmed, “Hell yeah we gotta do it again. I’m gonna be a lot better, it’s gonna be a lot closer and the fight is gonna be in December at the end of the year, so hell yeah we gotta do it again.”

In his bid for redemption Spence proposed that he would like for the next bout to be at 154 pounds, which is one weight class above.

As the boxing world awaits news on the official rematch date and location, fans and analysts alike eagerly anticipate another thrilling showdown between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence. The first encounter showcased Crawford’s extraordinary talent and dominance, but Spence’s determination promises to make the rematch an enthralling spectacle for all combat sports enthusiasts.