(Video) Republican candidate for governor in Kentucky, who competed in MMA – got endorsed by Tito Oriz

Republican Candidate for Governor of Kentucky, Eric Deters, was once featured in a mixed martial arts match.

Eric Deters was featured in a special bout in the Intimidation CF (ICF). Deters, who was still a lawyer from Cincinnati back in the day, took on a police officer named Larry Shelton. Their match was famously billed as Cop vs Lawyer.

Eric Deters is known to have animosity towards cops and has sued them for misconduct previously. The 58-year-old also has expressed his desire to brawl with a cop. And in 2009, officer Larry Shelton granted him his wish.

The Kentucky police officer called him out for an MMA bout and Deters actually showed up. Shelton branded himself as “K-9” while Deters’ nickname was “Bulldog”. The action went pretty much as everyone expected.

As a police officer, Larry Shelton has some background in hand-to-hand combat while Deters possessed a little bit of wrestling skill. Shelton was heavily dominating Deters on the feet until Deters tried to bring the action to the ground.

Even there, Shelton was quite clearly outmatched Deters. He immediately did a ground-and-pound. After scrambling for a bit, Shelton got the position where he pinned Deters down. Both of them couldn’t deliver any significant damages to each other so the ref had to stand them back up.

Quickly after getting back to stand up, Shelton delivered a brutal right hand tha quickly knocked Deters down. He continued to ground-and-pound and the ref finally stopped the action, announcing the police officer as the winner.

Despite the hatred coming from Deters, Larry Shelton revealed that he actually respects Deters for taking on the challenge.

“I don’t think he was comfortable in the cage. That may be a lack of experience but I have to admit I respect him now. He opened his mouth, but got in there and I respect that. He may do some things I disagree with but I respect that.” Shelton said in an interview.

Deters was recently endorsed by Tito Ortiz in a baffling speech in which he referred to him differently by different names.

“And hopefully for each and every one of you guys here, each one of you that are watching this state is important to you. And so, like your leaders to do what he’s going to do for you guys, I go first of all, do I’m going to Google and see who every (Deters) is. And at the end of the day, fighters like (Deters) is going to fight for the right reasons. And with fighters like Eric (Deters), there is hope.”