(Video) Renegade UFC fans hijack presser to hurl insults, threats at Arman Tsarukyan

Following the intense event at UFC 299, the promotion is gearing up for its next blockbuster event at UFC 300.

Recently, a Q&A session unfolded right after the UFC 299 weigh-in. The session offered fans an exclusive interaction with competitors featured on the upcoming UFC 300 card. This included Alex Pereira, Arman Tsarukyan, and Kayla Harrison.

However, the spotlight shifted to Arman Tsarukyan during the UFC 300 Q&A. Fans expressed their disapproval with audible boos when he took the stage. Tsarukyan is slated to face the former lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira.

A moment from the Q&A captured the crowd disrespecting Tsarukyan. One fan stated: “You get f**king knocked out by Charles ‘Do Bronx’ Oliveira? F**k you.”

Arman Tsarukyan remained composed and responded with a confident smile. He said: “You’re gonna get upset at UFC 300, don’t bet money.”

Another fan questioned Tsarukyan about a potential weight class switch. In response, Tsarukyan shared his aspiration to first conquer the UFC lightweight division before considering a shift in weight classes.

The fan then interrupted right away and yelled, “Get the f**k out of here.” Arman Tsarukyan responded with a grin and added, “You too.”

The fan continued to yell, “You are dead after UFC 300, buddy.” Undeterred by the negativity, Tsarukyan handled the situation with grace and resilience.

Fans offered huge support for Tsarukyan. Some praised him for handling the situation like a true professional, while others questioned the behavior of fans who disrespected the competitor for no apparent reason.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Why are you allowing fans to disrespect fighters in your promotion like this? Wait till a fighter snaps waiting for an elevator that recognizes a fan that has completely disrespected him or his family at one of these events?”

“These are the same people who will then be asking Arman for an autograph outside of the fighter hotel.”

“Promote the fighter you get to question or stay seated. It’s a privilege they gave you a mic and you choose to do this with your time. Why? What do you gain?”