(Video) Ref takes a heavy punch straight to the chin at Glory Collison 5

The highly anticipated GLORY Collision 5 event held at Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands, delivered an electrifying main event that took an unexpected turn, leaving fans in awe.

During the heavyweight clash between Antonio Plazibat and Kevin Tariq Osaro, a referee found himself on the receiving end of a powerful punch, creating a shocking moment that reverberated throughout the combat sports community.

MMA enthusiasts were treated to an intense evening of action, but it was the unfortunate turn of events that stole the spotlight. The mouth-dropping injury sustained by a kickboxer, involving the loss of front teeth, stunned spectators and etched itself as one of the most gruesome mouth injuries witnessed in recent times.

However, the unexpected incident did not end there. Another twist unfolded as a referee found himself perilously close to being knocked out, injecting an added layer of intensity into the already thrilling event.

The bout between Plazibat and Osaro had fans at the edge of their seats as both showcased relentless intensity. However, as the second round neared its end, chaos erupted. In the midst of a flurry of punches near the ropes, the bell sounded, signaling the conclusion of the round. Referee Edward Strijkert swiftly moved in to separate the fighters. Unfortunately, in a moment of misjudgment, Plazibat’s right hand, intended for Osaro, connected squarely with the side of Strijkert’s head, sending him crashing to the canvas.

Remarkably, Strijkert demonstrated resilience as he quickly regained his footing. Yet, prioritizing safety, another referee replaced him for the remainder of the bout, ensuring that the bout continued under professional oversight.

Videos capturing the incident swiftly circulated, highlighting the inherent risks of combat sports and the split-second decisions that can significantly impact all involved. The accidental blow delivered to the referee serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of such competitions.

Despite the setback, the main event carried on, building up to a climactic finale. In the fifth round, Tariq Osaro emerged victorious, securing the interim GLORY heavyweight title. His triumph overshadowed the unfortunate incident involving the referee, allowing the event to conclude on a high note.