(Video) Ref refuses to disqualify boxer for biting opponent

Mike Tyson’s infamous bout against Evander Holyfield has been a hot topic as of late thanks to the launch of his ear shaped edibles. However, Boxer Nicolas Pablo Demario didn’t go for the ear – he performed the bite on his opponent’s arm.

Nicolas Pablo Demario was slightly dominating the fight against Josue Vargas when he decided to bite Vargas’  arm. During the fifth round, Demario let his rage take control and he ended up biting Vargas’ right arm near the shoulder. After the incident, the ref halted the fight. Surprisingly, the ref did not disqualify Demario for what he did.

Unlike Demario, Tyson was immediately disqualified for the now infamous bite.

In this case, instead of a disqualification, the referee decided to deduct a single point from Demario . This decision was considered unfair by many, especially boxing fans. They were left outraged and they agreed that Demario should be disqualified from the contest.

In boxing, biting an opponent is known to be severely prohibited. Many boxers have been fired or immediately pulled from the match due to this gruesome act. For example, heavyweight boxer Kash Ali was fined £10,000 and suspended for half a year after he bit his opponent David Price in 2019. Back in 1997, the legendary Mike Tyson was subsequently disqualified after biting Evander Holyfield’s ear for the second time in the same match.

Josue Vargas managed to continue to box Demario even though he had a pretty painful bite mark on his arm. Even though Vargas was knocked down two times, he turned the tide and won the final 3 rounds. The two lasted for a full 12 rounds and Vargas was announced as the winner.