(Video) Rare Double Knockdown Drama Unfolds at BYB23: First one to get up wins

In an unprecedented moment at BYB23, a lightweight bout between Henry ‘Rome’ Lindsay and Serob Minasyan stole the spotlight as both fighters knocked each other down simultaneously. The rare occurrence led to a thrilling race against the referee’s count, determining the first to get back on their feet as the winner.

BYB Extreme Fighting Series, known for its unique triangular arena and exciting matchups, delivered another memorable event in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Lindsay and Minasyan, both seasoned mixed martial artists transitioning to bare-knuckle boxing, engaged in a fierce battle from the opening bell.

The intensity reached its peak when both fighters landed powerful punches simultaneously, resulting in a double knockdown. The referee initiated the count for both athletes, setting the stage for a dramatic recovery race. Lindsay, showing resilience, managed to rise to his feet despite a wobble, securing victory as Minasyan remained unable to stand.

Lindsay’s triumph marked his return to the win column after a previous loss to Billy Wagner. The 39-year-old fighter now boasts a record of 2 wins and 1 loss in bare-knuckle boxing. Meanwhile, Minasyan faced defeat in his debut in this unique combat sport, experiencing the challenges of the BYB Extreme Fighting Series firsthand.

This rare double knockdown moment added another layer of excitement to BYB23, showcasing the unpredictable nature of bare-knuckle boxing and reinforcing the promotion’s commitment to delivering thrilling and memorable events for fight fans.