(Video) Racist insults instigate altercation during boxing weigh ins

A bit of an altercation broke out during a weigh in session between Issac Hardman and Michael Zerafa on Tuesday. The scuffle was reportedly instigated by a racist insult  and it resulted in the two brawling for a brief moment.

Australian MMA professional Issac Hardman is scheduled to box against middleweight boxer Michael Zerafa in a middleweight showdown on April 19. The two have been beefing with each other for a long time and their hatred reached another level during the weigh in.

Nobody could hear what they were talking about when they faced each other. All of a sudden, a brawl occurred and the pair had to be separated by the security. Michael “Pretty Boy” Zerafa claimed that Hardman was being racist which prompted him to act in an unruly manner.

However, Issac Hardman refuted the accusation. He claimed that Zerafa’s accusation is baseless and it was his way to make him look bad in public.

“The remark about racism is crazy, I don’t know where the f*** that comes from. This guy is clutching at straws, he needs something to get him over the line and make me the bad guy. This guy is the bad guy, everyone f***ing hates this clown.” Hardman said.

Issac Hardman also proved he is not a racist by telling that he befriends people of other races. The 26-year-old got so resentful of the accusation and promised to give Zerafa a good beatdown.

“My partner is of color, my two best mates are Samoan, how am I racist? That’s craziness. Just because I’m going to punch this bloke’s head in and he’s Maltese, who cares? I don’t care about that. I’m going to smash this bloke, it doesn’t make me racist.

The bout will be held tomorrow taking place in Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre. It will be available to live stream on pay-per-view on Fite TV. The winner of Hardman and Zerafa will take on Brazilian top-ranked contender Esquiva Falcao for the IBF belt.