(Video) Pregnant UFC veteran Rachel Ostovich grapples sister through wardrobe malfunction

MMA contender Rachael Ostovich is renowned for her three-bout stint with the UFC, where she also competed against Paige VanZant.

Ostovich is currently gracefully navigating her motherhood while maintaining her vibrant spirit. The announcement of her second pregnancy hasn’t slowed down this resilient athlete, as she continues to captivate and engage with her dedicated fanbase.

In her latest post, Ostovich shared a lively moment in a video. The video shows Ostovich playfully wrestling with her sister. Despite a wardrobe malfunction that raised eyebrows, it seems like Ostovich averted any potential Instagram ban.

The 33-year-old humorously detailed the impromptu sparring session with the caption: “She was physically messing with me all day and night and we finally got home and I was like ok girl let’s gooooo. Pencil skirt and a crop top. I’m down. She’s my big sis so she always tries to mind control me lol until we get two minutes into play fighting Lmaoo. Miss this girl! Have you seen her.”

While this may differ from Ostovich’s typical content, fans embraced the unexpected spectacle. One fan exclaimed: “Hahah anytime, anywhere! True martial artist!”

Another praised by stating: “The immediate playing dead was fantastic.”

The friendship between siblings resonated with many, as one person wrote: “Hahaha siblings being siblings!”

A different fan said: “Yeah that’s my sister you pin her down she wants to cry for mum to help even if she deserves it.”

Having competed ten times in MMA, Ostovich has a record of four victories and six defeats. She hasn’t competed in MMA since 2020 since UFC CEO Dana White dismissed her.

Her departure from the UFC led her to embrace bare-knuckle boxing. This culminated in a successful win in a bare-knuckle match against Paige VanZant, her former UFC rival.

Since July 2021, Ostovich has not participated in any official matches. Utilizing her fame, Ostovich has ventured into the world of OnlyFans.

As Ostovich embraces motherhood, it’s unknown right now if Ostovich intends to return after giving birth and spending time with her family. Only time will show the next chapter in Rachael Ostovich’s remarkable journey.